Thursday, September 15, 2011

Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor    7"x9"   oil    
Hello to all my Canadian artist friends and this one's for you! We visited the beautiful city of Victoria in BC and the harbor there is wonderful, with lots of activity and color. This red sailboat could be seen from every direction, as it stood out against all the blue and white surrounding it.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting it and hope to visit there again soon. ( hint for coming attractions: we also went to the fabulous Buchart Gardens!)
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Katherine Thomas said...

Your work is so beautiful! I like the vibrant colors and the reflections, and the compositions... all of it!

Darlene Twitchell said...

This is gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

Dana Cooper said...

There may be "lots of activity and color" but truly Mary, no one could paint it like this, it's gorgeous!
Looking forward to your interpretation of the glorious Bouchart Gardens!!

Julie Hill said...

Mary...a fantastic piece!

Jerry Stocks said...

This is one beautiful painting. Love it!!!

Angela said...

The bright boat is so captivating. Against the bright blue is the perfect dance. Love it.