Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coeur d'Alene Lake View

Coeur d'Alene Lake View  11"x14"  acrylic on deep edge canvas
As I haven't been in the studio the last couple of days, I'm posting this lake scene that I haven't previously. This is also painted around and onto the edges of the canvas so it doesn't need framing. I've posted a side view below. This is a fun way to work now and then, and an unframed look is refreshing sometimes and particularly for work of wide open spaces I think.
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martinealison said...

Un lieu paisible... des couleurs douces, sur lesquelles le soleil vient légèrement répandre sa lumière...
L'idée de ne pas encadrer la toile est parfois intéressante et c'est le cas pour votre oeuvre. Elle agrandit l'espace et apporte une plus grande profondeur.
Gros bisous

Barbara Pask said...

Love it! Very painterly and I just love all the colors you painted in the rocks.

LindaHunt said...

Beautiful! Your work is painterly and refreshing.