Monday, September 5, 2011

Champagne Peonies

Champagne Peonies  30" x 22" oil   
I am out of the studio and out of touch currently , so this week's posts will be scheduled ahead of time. I am focusing on larger works this week, in hopes that you enjoy seeing some of those for a change.
These are some of the large peonies at Manito Park in Spokane and crowding the frame with these lush blooms were a fun way to show off their beauty.
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Linda Popple said...

Beautiful, Mary! I'm looking forward to seeing your larger pieces. Always fun to visit!

Susan said...

Your flowers are unbelievable!

Julie Hill said... usual your flowers are amazing! oh and do love the fly fisherman with dog earlier too!

Nancy Laliberte said...


Jonah said...

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