Monday, September 19, 2011

Birders or Watching The Watchers

Birders or Watching The Watchers   7"x7"   oil    
I am still at Tokeland harbor for this subject matter, where we spotted a group of birders spotting something else.The entire group all had their binoculors trained on the marshy grasses across the way and for me they made fun subject matter themselves..... They  were off, they told us to at least 4 other stops that day and were enjoying themselves thoroughly.
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hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted, Mary. Love the colors and shadow work! They made great subjects...they make you wonder what they are looking at!!

Virginia Floyd said...

I love the poses in this painting. They are all so intent! Great job!

martinealison said...

Très jolie interprétation de ces passionnées... qui le sont moins que vous à peindre.
Des nuances de couleurs fabuleuses.
gros bisous