Friday, July 8, 2011

Stormy re-post

Moving Through  9x9"  oil   
We are now catching up from travels and tomorrow I hope to paint ( today being catch-up and laundry)  I am re-posting this work which so reminds me of our recent travels. This was actually painted in B.C., where once again, I was captivated by the horizon and sky.
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Love the mood in this sky Mary! Especially the thin turquoise strip in the foreground.
Congrats on Daily too!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Mary.
Beautiful painting. Also I love your chicken too. All the best.

Kim said...

I can feel the air on this one. Beautiful job!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Lovely painting! I happened to stumble on Best of the Week and saw Building Up in Montana and thought it breath-taking! And then saw it was yours! Really beautiful! I searched your blog for it but it's not here . . .