Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lemon Branch

Lemon Branch  9:x 9"  oil on linen panel   
Here is a sort of companion piece to my last post and once again I combined a light loose brushwork with tighter work on the lemons in the front. Whenever, I paint using alot of yellow it reminds me of a watercolor show I was very happy to get into many years ago. I always remember the jurors critique...which was that he chose the piece for it's compositon, but also because he thought a predominant yellow palette one of the most challenging to work with. Hope I managed again here... ;)
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  1. Lovely color palette! I really like the feeling of light in this painting. So appealing.

  2. J'éprouve un réel plaisir à chaque fois que je découvre une nouvelle de vos publications. Ces citrons qui dansent... Un merveilleux jeu de lumière et de couleurs...
    Gros bisous

  3. Love the beautiful grayed and muted tones here. The lemons look just right for picking.

  4. this is so striking, Mary! I am so challenged by the shadow side of lemons, but you nailed it. I love the composition AND the brushwork!

  5. Major gorgeous! I love this. I just got a lemon and lemon leaves from my daughters little tree! Love the way you treated this with the loose background. Wonderful:)

  6. Fabulous Mary! I think what I love about this painting is the mix of detail and abstract, and the colors and brushwork--which I always enjoy with your work.


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