Sunday, July 10, 2011

Judy's Peonies

Judy's Peonies  8"x 10"  oil   
Ok, so I promise I won't go on too much about peonies this time. But, when my friend Judy, who knows my weakness for them, sends wonderful pictures of her garden...well, how can I resist? I tend to fill the composition when I paint them, because there is just no way I can see them in my mind's eye as small or timid. Thanks Judy ; )
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  1. The most beautiful Peonies ever.
    So soft.
    Well done!

  2. Another beautiful painting, Mary!!

  3. So beautiful!! Peonies are a favorite of mine as well.

  4. Wonderful painting of the peonies-
    you kept it so fresh and loose.

  5. I love this painting Mary and the brushstrockes.
    I also have a weakness for peonies and roses, these last ones being my favorites above all.

  6. gorgeous work. love your blog, Mary!

  7. Soft and lovely with wonderful colors. I love Peonies too!

  8. Another one of your beauties, Mary!

  9. Love the Peonies. My daughter bought a home this year and the previous owner told her she was a Master Gardener. Well I believe it, because since Spring it has been a show place, but most of all I awaited the Peonies. White, pink and fuscha. The only bad thing was while I was waiting for the full bloom a big Oklahoma storm came through and just pelted them! I only got a few pics but oh my goodness they were beautiful.


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