Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chiniak Bay- fly fishing in Alaska

Chiniak Bay  6"x 8" oil    
I've been looking at water and fly fishing again as subject matter and recalled this photo from Kodiak, Ak. There is a cool bright light there that I tried to capture, along with this fisherman, intent on the next salmon catch. I enjoyed the landscape there alot, and there is quite a bit of variety which I didn't expect.
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Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Mary Mary...this is just so beautiful.You make it look so easy.Is it?

mary maxam said...

Hi Irit, I think it's the same with us all, we have the good days and the "who painted this?!" days. ha! When it is a subject that particularly inspires me, I am able to dash in the drawing and lay in basic values/colors readily. I think the hard part is knowing whether the viewer sees something of interest on the receiving end. For example, even if someone doesn't like fly fishing, is there something compelling enough to grab the viewers eye? Ah well...another day,and more questions to answer...thanks for your interest Irit :) Mary