Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Apple A Day ?-oil painting of garden apple

An Apple A Day  7.5 x 8  oil on linen  
I don't know if I could paint an apple every day, but I always enjoy what I call a natural still life, like this. Every now and then I have the itch to change things up and paint a particular subject tighter, or paint looser or combine those two for focus. Here is the 3rd option which is my favorite, meaning that while the apple is in focus, I've only suggested the branches and other shapes surrounding it. This is on a very fine linen that allows me to paint with careful edges along with loose brushwork when I choose.
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martinealison said...

Hummm! Je la croquerais bien cette pomme... qui me parait si saine...
J'aime contraste avec le fond. Une superbe harmonie de couleurs.
Gros bisous

Angela said...

Mary this is so lucious and full of life. The background is so perfect and full of movement. A truly one of a kind


I love your style Mary with a detailed main image and a very loose background. Dreamy, seductive and original.