Friday, June 24, 2011

Hay Bales & Blue Sky

Hay Bales & Blue Sky  8x10"  oil   
We are in  the gorgeous Big Sky Country of Montana and now that the rain has stopped, there are the most beautiful skies, and landscape to enjoy. While my husband got in some fly fishing with friends, I set up and painted. This is the first of two. More tomorrow...
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  1. lovely piece mary, i like the boldness in your work.

  2. Little canvas but I can just "feel" how big that sky is. Another beauty, Mary! I love your style of painting.

  3. nice Mary. Love getting your art work on my e-mail daily. Love your illustration blog work.
    Thanks too for the comment on my art blog

  4. Beautiful painting and love the composition. Sounds wonderful in Montana!

  5. This is incredible Mary! The colors are spectacular and it is so masterfully done!


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