Tuesday, May 10, 2011

True Blue

True Blue  12"x12" oil
Hydrangea are the most amazing blues, and I saw some beauties on Sunday when we took in a Home show here in Boise. These were beside an entryway, and they created a wonderful visual against a stucco wall. These blues were a combination of both ultramarine and pthalo blue and alizarin crimson. This will be another work developed for my August show. I  have also entered it in the FASO BoldBrush competition.
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  1. Cool, blue, hydrangeas! I like all the hues of blue and touch of pink throughout, Mary. So cool!! ;-)

  2. Beautiful job on these flowers. I will have to head over to Bold Brush and "like" them!

  3. Really nice Hydrangeas. You did such a nice variety of blues and the touches of pink really say Hydrangea.
    Great leaves too. I love how fresh and loose it all is.

  4. Thanks to all,I haven't painted these in awhile so it's good to hear.I may still beef up the contrast a little. Have to live with it a bit...

  5. This is such a beautiful painting. The blues are so true to the hydrangea. Lovely.

  6. Just beautiful. I love your loose impressionistic style.

  7. Hi Mary.
    Just wanted to assure you from your comment on my blog that even though I was only 50 yards from the grizzly I was sitting safely in my pickup truck. Have been watching and photographing him for 4 days now. A real treat and lots of painting material.
    Can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the e-mailings daily of your art work. Incredible stuff.


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