Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink  oil  9x9"
In thinking about it, my title here is probably too frivolous for a flower that has been used prolifically in literature, poetry and medicine. That's some serious stuff ! I am always so enthralled by the abundant look of the blossoms. The way they just project that 'no holding back' kind of attitude. My challenge here was to focus on the beauty, and structure, without defining it all too much...

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  1. Beautiful peony! I'd like to know more about the history,literature and medicine part, too.

  2. Hi Fay,and thanks... there are several articles about them but here is this Wiki one at:
    They're also called the King of Flowers! I may have to agree :)

  3. The most beautiful flower in my garden and your painting does it justice.

  4. Absolutely beautiful bloom. It is so lush and full. You captured it wonderfully.

  5. Just love the way you have that one bloom with stem as the focus and the background is loose. Really sets of the complicated and beautifully painted flower. Wow and yes, pretty in pink!

  6. Such a beautiful delicate flower. Love it


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