Wednesday, April 20, 2011

King of the Yard

King of the Yard  9x9 oil
I recently had the good fortune to receive some excellent chicken photos from my friend Judy. She has such a good eye (and access to chickens :) and thought I might be interested...yes! In my approach to this, I decided to continue with DPW's chicken challenge.I used and analogous color scheme here, which is all the warm and cool red, orange and yellow tones. For the most part, it's all grayed, with the exception of the roosters comb, and there I really layed it on with pure cad red. Thanks to Kathy Cousart and Nancy Laliberte who came up with great names for my last post. I decided on Nancy's fancy title :)
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  1. Wow! This is great Mary! I love this one!

  2. thanks Brad, i think I will try to work in a chicken with the triad challenge at DPW.

  3. Great painting. Your interesting brush work and muted colors create the perfect feel of a farm yard and all the activity. The comb really pops. Love it!

  4. The controlled tones work wonderfully against that area of red. Beautiful sense of light in this!

  5. One gorgeous painting. But all I can think is... for this shot, someone had to be pretty much laying on the ground! What we will do for our art....


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