Sunday, April 24, 2011

Copper Top ( Iris)

Copper Top (Iris) 6x6" oil
There is a particular color in this type of Iris that I can only describe as copper. It doesn't hit the pink, orange or yellow tones exactly, but all those in between. That was my challenge and I think it's pretty close, and I loved the contrast of the red-violet with it. I may try this again with two or three blooms in the compostition.
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Fay Terry said...

Mary, this is so well done. I love the softness of it as well as the colors. You are a master of edges.

J Joy Nocifora said...

Another beauty, Mary! I like your wonderful brushwork and colors on this iris!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Looks like you captured that copper just right.. lovely piece!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Your Irises are amazing, and you have really captrued the color of this type of Iris. We have a Botanical Garden close by, and the Iris garden is a big part of it. It has every color of Iris one can imagine, so I am familiar with this one.

Kathryn Townsend said...

I love the brushwork on the iris--beautiful modulation of color.