Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chick Pick

Chick Pick  6x6"  oil 
I am still working with chicks and this rooster looked like he had his pick of all the hens in the yard. I posted this in DPW's Color Challenge and used a triad of yellow orange, red violet and pthalo blue.
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Virginia Floyd said...

Love this composition, with only the rooster upright and alert. Beautiful colors and brush strokes.

Susan E. Roden said...

A lot of energy here Mary - very nice!
My neighbor has a rooster and chick - always strutting + crowing.

Brad Miedema said...

Boy, you are really cranking out these chicken paintings! I love this one! These have so much energy with your brush strokes and your color use. Great work!

mary maxam said...

'...cranking up the chicken paintings' makes me laugh :D thanks Brad, glad you like 'em

thanks also Susan and Virginia- the chicken strutting and crowing can be fun or annoying- but I do try to catch a little action, or posture

Ruth Andre said...

What a wonderful painting. It is loose and full of movement. Chick Pick is a winner.

SKIZO said...