Thursday, April 28, 2011

Backyard Iris

Backyard Iris  11"x 15"  oil
This is a plein aire painting from our back yard. It was done last season and I wanted to post it again to continue my current  theme. I am working on a larger iris painting that I will post soon though. We are still a few weeks away from seeing these bloom, but I hope to get out there and paint them again (maybe after the yard work gets done-ha!)
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  1. Fabulous! Beautiful hues of magenta and soft, delicate petals.

  2. Your iris paintings are beautiful! I've enjoyed each one!

  3. You have really inspired me with your Iris paintings.
    The Iris are blooming here and I tried one painting but I think I will try some more.
    I love the soft background in this one and the flowers are gorgeous.

  4. I appreciate it, I tried to gray some of the background color in order to help the flowers pop.

  5. Your irises are beautiful. Is yard-work ever done? :)

  6. Beautiful! Not only the Irises but the background too.
    Great work Mary!

  7. These irises are gorgeous, Mary... Just loose enough to be wonderful and light and mysterious... I also like the way they fit into the backgrounds you've created...

  8. These iris paintings are so beautiful. Can't say enough.


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