Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leo's Loop

Spring Cast  9"x9"  oil
Last week found me pushing the season by painting Iris. This week (or at least today) I'm painting a fisherman who's out there trying to catch the big one, though it's still cold and there are snow patches here and there. This is something of a collaborative effort, as a fisher friend sent us some picture resources he said I could use. Thanks Steve :)
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  1. Mary...what a wonderful piece today. I like it so much I clicked on photo to see larger. Wonderful, the way you captured his movement and reflections in the water...

  2. I'm the same as Julie. Had to see a larger version - a beautiful painting.

  3. Very beautiful. Love the colors.

  4. I like that one. Was he successful? O:-)

  5. Hi Mary, I love the painting. There's something about a man that makes him want to stand out in the middle of a cold stream. I don't understand it, but they're definitely from Mars.
    I've got so many pictures of my husband out in the middle of the stream fishing....having the time of his life. He loved it.

  6. Beautiful job of painting the shrubs and trees in the background and how they are reflected in the water.
    And you did an outstanding job of capturing the figure of the fisherman. I can just see him casting and reeling ing. Good job!

  7. Wonderful feel to this piece, esp. those reflections and the fresh brush work. This looks like a lovely spot to sit and paint while the hubby snags dinner!


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