Monday, February 28, 2011

Cup Stack- Daily Paintworks Challenge

Cup Stack  6 x 6  oil  
I decided on a complete change of pace and took up the challenge at the Daily Paintworks website.The idea is to simplify the painting down to it's essentials, by mixing paint and putting down only one stroke, then going back to mix and place just one more single stroke again. An interesting process...Click here for price and purchasing
Click here for price and purchasing
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  1. Good job Mary! I did this "challenge" as a workshop exercise in Carol Marine's workshop back in December and it is a little hard to get used to but produces some interesting paintings, especially backgrounds for still life.

  2. NIce work, Mary. I am planning to try this exercise today. I love the red and turquoise in the lower part of this painting.

  3. Mary...well done.....still trying to figure out how I can do this challenge in watercolor?


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