Friday, February 25, 2011

Cream Cheese Please

Cream Cheese Please   6"x6" oil  $100
Bagels in all their wonderful chewy density are a hoot to make if you want to try something kind of different. Many years ago, we stayed with friends who showed us how and created great memories. The big surprise with making bagels is that after the dough is prepared (pretty standard for the most part) you shape them into balls, poke your thumb through to make the hole and drop them into salted boiling water! After the boiling, you put them in the oven. Fun and tasty both :)
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  1. This is an excellent composition. I was struck by the abstract effect. The bagel and the plate are a circle within a circle. The placemat, the knife, and the stripes on the plate are all diagonals. Very nice.

  2. Boiled Bagels!? Oh my. haha, I never would have guessed they are made that way. I have a friend who just started a new job as a baker and has told me of her failed bagel attempts. LOL. Great painting by the way Mary!

  3. The hell with the diet.
    I will have this for breakfast.
    Fun piece.

  4. Thanks Irit-HA! that gave me a good laugh :)

  5. Virginia and Amber, I appreciate it. Yes, I did have fun with the circles and abstract idea-glad it worked

  6. Love this, Mary! It reminded of the time - many years ago - that I made bagels. They were so heavy the birds wouldn't even eat them! :-)


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