Monday, January 3, 2011

Testing The Waters

Testing The Waters   oil on linen     9"x 9"   $200
I've been reminded that it's been a long time since my last fishing type post (yes, I'm listening Steve!)  ...and, I do enjoy painting fishing scenes, more for the fishing figure, than the fish. This was also a  needed a change of pace and a reminder that the snow will not last all year! This  is my husband fishing the Lochsa in the summer.
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  1. Wonderful- love the composition and the unified colors. Very peaceful.

  2. A great reminder of warmer weather to come. Love the subtle colors and the way the fisherman is part of the scene without dominating.

  3. Hi Mary.
    This is a wonderful painting. I like it very much. Brilliant brush work. All the best Mary.

  4. My husband is a fly fishing fanatic and I would love to get out and try to paint him someday. This is just so wonderful!

  5. Kathy you captured the water beautifully. I totally enjoy your paintings.


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