Friday, January 7, 2011

Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue    oil    9"x 9"       $200
This is one of the fishing boats at the harbor in Kodiak, Ak. We were there is September and the weather was great, with clear skies. The huge blue hull of this boat created beautiful color and an abstract design I knew I'd enjoy paintiing.
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  1. This is very nice Mary. I like how you placed the ship in the painting. It is an interesting crop and angle to see it from. Also love all the blues. Sometimes I have a hard time with getting just the right blue but these look great!

  2. Mary,
    I love this! Gorgeous blues. My favorite it the rust stain on the side of the ship- sweet! Great reflections also.

  3. Interesting subject and composition. I also like the placement of the boat in the space and am attracted to the reflection in the water.

  4. Mary..a wonderful piece...just absorbing all the blues and how you masterfully painted them

  5. Beautifully done, Mary! Love the color of blue you chose and a great composition.

  6. Really appreciate the abstracted quality and those great blues.


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