Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blue On Blue II

Blue On Blue II   oil    9"x 9"   $200
Here's another take on the beautiful fishing boats and reflections at the harbor in Kodiak, Alaska. The red floats hanging over the sides created little visual "hot spots" and this boat had more of an ultrmarine blue cast.
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  1. I'm in awe of the treatment of the water, here, Mary. Such nice color harmony, too. I admire you for tackling fishing boats!

  2. I love how going on a trip allows us to see new paintings. Great job w/ the water.

  3. Beautiful clear blues! Really like the way the red floats are the only other color.

  4. This painting is so nice. Ditto to above. The range of blues work beautifully together.

  5. Just beautiful. If I wasn't a starving artist this would be part of my collection!

  6. both of these boat paintings are fabulous. Blue on blue isn't easy to do. Love the shapes and the composition particularly in the water.


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