Friday, December 31, 2010


Retired   9"x 9"    oil         $200
I'm back from Christmas travels and for the last day of 2010, thought this wonderful cad. red  work truck, was a good way to end the year's posts. I'd love to have title suggestions from all you bright wordsmiths out there.  Please let me know your thoughts! I just can't seem to hit the right note with this one. Happy New Year to everyone out there (found it...see Jan 2 post) and be safe in your celebrations : )
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  1. wonderful brushwork Mary! wishing you all the best in 2011

  2. Happy new year Mary! Been truly a pleasure knowing and visiting you throughout the year.

  3. Love your truck! I think you can paint anything! I wish I had a title for your painting - I'm not good at that. If it were my painting it would be "Red Truck" ....boring!! So many clever people out there so there will be a title coming, I'm sure.

    Happy new year, friend!

  4. What a great painting...I love these retired old vehicles, sinking into the ground. They remind me of sculptures. Love your loose rendition. I'm afraid that titles aren't my forte. I'm sure I would call it "Red Truck and Snow" :-)
    Happy New Year and Happy Painting!

  5. Hi Mary.I am glad to come across your blog.Such wonderful paintings,bright colors and bold brush strokes.Its was a pleasure looking at your work.
    Title of this painting according to me could be "SMOTHERED":).
    Wish you a very happy new year.

  6. You amaze me on how versatile you are with your painting subjects. This old red truck is wonderful.

  7. Just a wonderful painting Mary - love your looseness which you successfully capture so much!

    Thanks for the year...


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