Sunday, December 25, 2011

Snowy Apples-Demo

More Snowy Apples            9"x9"      oil on linen      $200

Step 4


Thank you to everyone for kind comments on my Santa posts, hope you all enjoyed Christmas. Today, I thought I'd re-post a demo from the past until I get back to my easel. It.s one that captializes on a sunny day and bright blue skies. Hope you have great skies today where you are.

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Virginia Floyd said...

Both of these paintings are really gorgeous! The second one looks like there is sunshine as well as snow. Beautiful light.

I'm interested in your technique in the demo. At first I thought this was acrylic, because it looks like you used thinned paint that ran down and created streaks. Is that thinned paint, or are those brush strokes? It's very nice!

Angela said...

Well I have definitely never seen a painting of "snowy apples" but this is just beautiful! Love the color combinations. :)

Kathy Cousart said...

These are beautiful. I think some of us want the long winded explanation:) Agree with Virginia in wondering how you got that gorgeous washed effect...

Pam Holnback said...

Thanks for sharing the steps.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the demo. I'm always curious how people start their painting. I love these snowy apples. So frosty and fluffy.

rahina q.h. said...

the snowy apples is a powerful painting Mary and this demo is a great idea. love your handlign of light and shadow.

mary maxam said...

What was I thinking? Some of you did want answers, so here is the long winded explanation :)
The painting is oil on linen (clausen's #66oilprimed)
Step 1 - I used transparent color with Gamsol
to wash big color areas over the whole panel. The colors I used were aliz crimson, viridian and viridian mixed with ultra blue. This one got a little
“juicier” than usual, when that happens, wait a few minutes and
it will evaporate some.
Step 2-using a gray brown mixed from the 3 colors in step1, I
drew in the big shapes with the corner of a #6 flat.
Step 3- I began placing shadows into the largest areas using opaque color mixes. To finish, I introduced more opaque color into the brighter midtone areas.Lastly, the light blue and white areas of sky and snow were added.
I am happy to clarify if this isn't quite clear...

Marian Fortunati said...

Love the painting(s) AND found the demo very interesting...


suzannepaints said...

Beautiful and very snowy. Merry Christmas, Mary.