Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last of the Season

Last of the Season         6"x6"                oil on panel     $150
Just before it snowed, last week, we emptied the flower boxes from the windows at the front of our house. Of course, there were just these last two that were hanging on despite the cold. I couldn't just throw them out, so stuck them in a mason jar and had to paint that last bit of geranium red, for this year.
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MariasWatercolor said...

So pretty, I am impressed by those few flowers that hold on, pretending that winter is not really on its way.
What a great painting.

Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann said...

Hello Mary, thank you for adding me in your painters' list. I really like this one, especially the background. It could have become a good watercolour, too.

Ulrike O:-)

Victor Errington said...

Hi Mary.
This is a beautiful painting. It would grace any ones wall. Geraniums are my favourites too. All the best Mary.

Julie Hill said...

lovely Mary. Happy Thanksgiving!