Monday, August 22, 2011

Garden Shed

Garden Shed        16"x 16"      oil
This is a garden shed that belongs to a friend and avid gardener. I painted it awhile back, but decided to re-post it now. It is a little white stucco building that provides a great backdrop for color.
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  1. Oh, I miss the flowers too, I have a few violas popping up in the front yard, and I am counting the days till crocus and daffodils come back! Thanks for reminding me how pretty it will be again, your painting is wonderful.

  2. Even though the shed is small, just pops from your composition and contrasting colors - lively and lush!

  3. Wow have glorious and colorful and evocative.

  4. Any time is a good time to post a beauty like this...what else do you have?

  5. Mary, this is just a fresh and delightful piece. I love the glow of the shed and the brilliance of the flowers in the foreground.

  6. The colors in your work is so vivid it's amazing. It's almost like they glow. It's a very unique and awesome skill!

  7. Lovely Garden house, it looks real.

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  8. Glad you reposted..beautiful painting, Mary!. The flowers are so colorful making the shed stand out.


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