Sunday, November 21, 2010

Demo -untitled

step one-value lay in

step two-warm undertone wash

  step three- color block-in

finish- 36"x24"  acrylic, untitled sold
I haven't posted a demo for awhile and have been working on two larger paintings for an art auction that will take place in February to benefit the Museum of Arts and Culture (the MAC) in Spokane. Step one involves figuring out the value structure of the painting. Step two shows a transparent wash of a red-violet mix. I used this to provide a warmer undertone, yet one that I could still contrast with the colors I was working toward for the finished work. Step three is the block in of main colors, most of these were a semi-opaque mix, where bits of the violet show underneath. The finish is the process of additional opaque color, details, introducing sharper contrasts in value, color and edges.
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Victor Errington said...

Hi Mary.
This is a beautiful painting. I also like step one. Well done and all the best.

bricarwaller said...

What a fabulous painting. The colors are amazing! I love seeing the process, I think each of the stages is a complete work in its self.

Julie Hill said...

Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. This piece is just WOW!

Gwen Bell said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for showing the process too.

Susan E. Roden said...

So dramatic Mary! Love learning your process too.