Monday, August 9, 2010

Mix 'n Match

Mix 'n Match   9"x9"    oil
On our trip last week, were invited to dinner at the house of friends. Gayle has wonderful color and art throughout their home and she kindly let me photograph this little set-up. She also cooked us a most wonderful dinner. Good food, friends and conversation.....very fun!
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  1. Really like the colors in the background as much as the flowers. Nice job, Mary.

  2. No, Kelley, I'm NOT following you around the blogsphere- we seem to have the same 'eye', as well as the same first name!

    Mary I love the loose feel of the flowers, and the beautiful rendering of the glass - sounds like a lovely visit!

  3. You have such a deft hand with florals Mary! Another lovely piece of art.

  4. This is beautiful Mary! I love your brushwork, not just in this piece but in all of your work. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  5. Great work on that transparent amber glass! Love the flowers too.

  6. Beautiful work. Love the loose flowers and the transparent bottle.


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