Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lochsa Re-Post

Lochsa re-post    oil    sold
After posting yesterday's painting, I looked at it with fresh eyes. Those mountains were just too green and too high chroma and they were looming forward in the picture plane! I grayed them today and adjusted a few other values......much better I think....
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  1. Just discovered your blog Mary. Your work has a lovely airy feel to it. I really like your fresh painterly style.

  2. Both paintings work fine. The first version is more subtle, and yes maybe the mountains in the back stood out too much. The second version, you feel you are standing in the stream, more in the picture, with the mountains in the distance. Lovely.

  3. I just love that rocky stream and your use of color. It was a wonderful painting before but the changes only enhanced it.

  4. Mary, Just Love, Love , Love your work! You paint exactly the way I wish I could.


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