Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bachelor Buttons

Bachelor Buttons   8"x11"   oil
If I'm not painting plein aire or in the studio with a set-up, I use my own photos 98% of the time. The exception is when I use my husband's photos, as he has a great eye and has captured some wonderful images, usually on fishing trips. This is one of those sources where he brought home photos of fields covered with bachelor buttons. I'll be painting them again soon. Pin It


  1. This is beautiful, Mary. I like your color palette and your composition draws me into the painting. Very nice!

  2. What a gorgeous painting, Mary! Beautiful mix of colors and I really like those sharp grasses that lead the eye into the foreground.

  3. As always, your paintings are a joy to see Mary! Movement, lush strokes and great compositions.

  4. I'm so attracted to blue flowers too. What is it about them that's so intriguing to artists? A whole field of bachelor buttons. How awesome! Nicely done.


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