Friday, June 11, 2010

Peony Bunch

Peony Bunch   9"x9"   oil SOLD
A change of palette and flower for today,  I enjoyed paintting the soft whites that are not really white but reflect so much of their surrounding light and color.

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  1. Lovely color palette Mary!
    It is funny how white flowers usually are not white - nicely done.

  2. This might be my favorite painting. Wonderful.

  3. This is a wonderful floral...the whites are just delightful. I can just see this painting hanging in a lady's boudoir.

  4. One of my favorite flowers and this one is really beautiful!

  5. Lovely rendition of these beautiful flowers. Absolutely gorgeous. Nice dark value in the left hand corner contrasting with the yellow light at the window.

  6. Hi Mary, I've been working on peonies for over a week now, they're hard. Mine were not good enough to post. Yours are wonderful. I love the "light"


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