Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot Pink Hollyhocks III

Hot Pink Hollyhocks III   12"x12" oil 
This is the third of the triptych and I am pleased with the way they visually work together and individually. I'll try this again sometime, it's a fun approach.
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  1. Love this series of Hollyhocks! The red and green palette is gorgeos.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! How do I put my name in the hat for the painting drawing in July?

  3. What a beautiful trio! I'd love to see them hanging together!

  4. Hi Kathy, or others who might be interested, just sign up as a follower(use the icon that says follow) and I will draw from all those listed by July 18th. thanks for your interest and to all for your comments! I appreciate it

  5. Thanks Mary, I'm now a faithful follower and hope I win in July! LOL


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