Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Sky

Sweet Sky    20"x 16"   oil
I was ready for a whole new palette today and had a lot of fun with this sky. I call it Sweet Sky because the clouds reminded me of cotton candy. So, yeah, I pushed the color, but just couldn't resist doing so. I also re-posted Birdhouse, from a couple of days ago, and am happier with the adjustment in reds and a few of the shapes on that one.
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  1. My first thought was I bet this was fun to paint, a fun job well done.

  2. The clouds do look like cotton candy - beautiful and airy. The reflections in the water are beautiful, too. Very nice, Mary!

  3. So beautiful. Love the clouds, love the horizon line.

  4. You have captured the energy and space within the clouds. Like the way you purshed the color.

  5. This is really quite stunning--bravo on the movement and pallet! Quite like the strong sky on the top right of your blog as well..lush and painterly!


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