Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Roses

Spring Roses   12"x 12"   oil
Even with our rainy weather, I've noticed a few of these bushes here and there that have roses in bloom. I'm not enough of a gardener to know a name for them. My challenge in the painting, was not to paint EVERY rose I saw and try to simplify the value pattern and brushwork. It was fun to try this, and overall I like the effect.

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  1. It is very effective Mary. You do it so effortlessly!!Very Lovely!

  2. Your work is beautiful - I have really enjoyed seeing your paintings on this blog!

  3. Gorgeous, Mary! You did a great job in simplifying all the roses and what beautiful color!

  4. So do I like the effect. Beautiful painting and you got the values just right.

  5. Your paintings are beautiful, your manuscript noticeable. Joy to behold.


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