Saturday, May 1, 2010

Picking Citrus

Citrus    12"x12"     oil
I saw these impossible looking heels hanging like fruit from this mannequin's belt.  Just ripe for picking...
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  1. I've got a friend, who, if she saw these yellow heels, she would rip them right off your canvas. They are wonderful.

  2. Although the shoes are beautiful, I would fall flat on my behind if I put them on! I could, however, enjoy them in your painting. Very nice!

  3. I am really falling in love with your work! This painting is amazing. Thanks for sharing! The color, the heels,'s great.

  4. Thanks much, wish I could wear these but, I think painting them is actually more fun for me!

  5. Mary, thanks for commenting on my lead me to yours! Love the shoes,they have such a great feel! Nice brushwork! Some of my first posts were red shoes....I became addicted to shoes as a still life.


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