Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pellegrino & Pansies

I need to be away for about a week and will be showing work from previous posts for awhile. Hope you enjoy my look back .....
Pellegrino & Pansies   8"x 6"  oil  $125
We've been working our way through a case of sparkling water and I kept thinking about painting one of the bottles. They are a really nice clear green that has alot of pthalo blue in it. I may try it again using more color contrast next time.
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  1. Beautiful greens and blues! I really like this painting!!

  2. You always come up with the most interesting ideas of things to paint. I really like it.
    Somehow, it reminds me of a trip we took to Paris, and I ordered bottled water. They wanted me to order French wine. I ordered the Pelegrino. They weren' happy, but we were. It was noon, and the Pelegrino was perfect! Nice memory.

  3. Mary, this is such a beautiful painting!

  4. It's wonderful, Mary! Everything about it is beautiful, even the background!

  5. Sweet! Wonderful cropping, colors and the pretty pansies are delicate.

  6. great glass - only a few marks to construct the object, this looks great!

  7. You really nailed it Mary. Great work.

  8. Hi Mary:
    A few painterly brush strokes and a gorgeous green glass bottle appears... just like magic.
    Love it!

  9. I like this one. The flowers sing.


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