Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Demo - Nest   20"x 20" oil on gessoed hardboard

We've been offline for a couple days, but now I'm finally able to post this demo. In any event, this began with a wash of oms, indian yellow and cad red. My second step was to sketch in the basics of the composition with burnt umber. I then layed in the local colors for the nest and eggs. Following that, I deveolped some of  the brushwork that I wanted to indicate for movement and direction. I then painted the eggs into better forms by modulating the values. Next, I continued to layout the broad idea for both color and value patterns throughout the rest of the painting. My last steps were to develop edges and a few details to guide the eye toward the nest, but not create too much of a hard bullseye effect.
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Linda said...

I love everything about this painting! It is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your process with pictures and explanation. I hope you do this again!

Amber L. Bailey said...

It's great to see your process. I really love your work Mary. I know I keep saying that. :)

Nicki said...

Mary, this was so enjoyable to view. Thank you for sharing photos of your process as well as the descriptive words. The final product is beautiful.