Sunday, January 10, 2010


Frosted   8"x8" oil
In looking for some color, I found this very pink doughnut just waiting to be painted. Looks like a party...
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  1. Mary, this looks yummy! I really enjoy looking at your paintings every day. I love Looking Up, also! The clouds are so nice and the trees are so expressive!

  2. Hi Ann-thanks for that, people seem to be enjoying these :) I didn't have my usual surface prepped, so this was an unfamiliar one I'm not as happy with, looking forward to painting today though...I'm now off to check out your recents.

  3. I just went to a friend's show at Bergamot Station which was ALL donuts.... Most of them were 36 by 36...

    I like yours!!! I need to try some of these... would probably eat them before I finished though.

    Happy painting!


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