Sunday, January 31, 2010

Demo oil, - Fancy Hen

Another demo, this time of a little hen that had such a decorative feather pattern, I couldn't resist.
Step 1-I first layed in a thin warm gray wash on the board to work off of. It was very general and didn't get photograhed. Then I put down initial shapes and value pattern in thin paint..

Step 2 - Brighter color and thicker paint to begin building more definition and contrast.
Step 3 - I increased the values and definition here, but I see that the color is to cool on the top feathers of the hen.
Fancy Hen   oil  11"x 14"
Step 4 - The finish includes loose scratching and brushwork into the ground and grass area. Also, a warmer white on the top feathers. The black feathers need to be a warmer black though and i may re-post a finish tomorrow with that change.
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